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Waffle game combines the concept of traditional crossword puzzle games and word scramble challenges. In this game, players must swap letters on a 5x5 grid to make six words in 15 chances.

How to play Waffle game.

The game is displayed in a 5x5 grid that resembles the shape of a waffle. Random letters will appear in green, yellow, and white grids and you have to swap them to make six words. You have 15 attempts to guess all six words horizontally and vertically.

The letters will be highlighted with different colors that demonstrate whether they are in the target words and in the correct position.

The green titles represent that the word is in the right spot.

The yellow tiles indicate that the word is placed in the wrong spot and needs to be shifted to another place.

The white tiles mean that the word does not fit there and needs to be altered.

You win the game when you have properly placed all letters and made 6 correct words.

Just like the Wordle game, there is one puzzle a day. It is a perfect game for those who are looking for a more challenging puzzle. There are many variants of Wordle game but Waffle is a special one with a different pattern.

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