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Dordle is a variant of Wordle game that features a dual challenge by doubling the number of grids. In this game, players have to guess 2 five-letter words in 7 chances.

How to play Dordle

Dordle or Double Wordle features two 7x5 grids. The goal of the game is to figure out two secret words within 7 tries. It's a fantastic twist of Wordle game.

To play the game, enter any valid word. The word will then be put into both grids. After each guess, you will get clues about the secret words by colored grids.

Green: That's the correct letter.

Yellow: That's the correct letter in the secret word but it's in the wrong position.

Gray: That's the incorrect letter.

There are two game modes:

Daily Dordle: A new Dordle every day.

Free Dordle: You can play as much as you want.

Play Dordle game and get ready for a double surprise.

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