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Heardle game is Wordle about music. In this game, players listen to the introduction of a song and guess the title and artist in 6 tries.

How to play Heardle game

Heardle is a new music game inspired by Wordle. To play the game, you will listen to a short opening part of a song and then try to find its title and artist. You have 6 chances to find the answer. After each incorrect guess, you are given a chance to listen to more of the song and continue to up to 16 seconds of the introduction.

In the second chance, you can hear two seconds, then four seconds, then seven, eleven, and 16 seconds of the song.

To give a guess, just type the name of the song into the answer bar. The game will give you a big help by auto-filling the song that possibly fit your type. Just select the name of the song that popups.

The song in the game is chosen randomly from a wide range of musicians and songs. There is only one song to guess in a day. And you will lose the game if you can't guess the song after 6 tries.

Heardle game requires players to have a vast music memory across different genres. It's a perfect game to train your brain and tune your ear.

You can give it a try and see if you can recognize a song just by listening to simple tunes immediately.

After completing the puzzle, you can share your results on social media.

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