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Contexto is a variation of the Wordle game in which players have to guess a word within an unlimited number of guesses and receive hints about the contextual similarity with the secret word. Each time you guess, artificial intelligence will analyze your guess through thousands of texts and show you the similarity and contextual relevance between your guess and the final word.

Unlike Wordle, it's not about spelling and finding correct letters. It's much about meanings and contextual similarity.

How to play Contexto game

To play the game, enter any single word into the text box then press Enter.

After you submit a word, you will see a number. That number demonstrates the similarity between your word and the secret word. The lower the number, the closer you get to the secret word. And similarly, the higher it is, the further away you are from the secret word.

Based on this number, you can try more times until you find the right Contexto of the day.

You have unlimited guesses to play.

There is one puzzle a day and it will reset at midnight. So come back daily and solve a new word.

It is a web-based game so you can play it on any platform, from a web browser on your PC to Android, iOS devices.

After you successfully guess the secret word, you can share your results on Social media.

It shows the game number, the number of guesses you took to the target word, and the number of tips you used with colored squares.

So what do Contexto squares mean? These squares demonstrate the number of guesses that you had in different range of positions:

Green squares: Guesses with positions from 1 to 300.

Yellow squares: Guesses with positions from 301 to 1500.

Red squares: Guesses with positions higher than 1500.

Game Features

Contexto game has become popular with its simple game mechanics and addicting gameplay. More than that, it also features different options that players can customize in the Settings menu.

Language: Play the game in English or Portuguese.

Theme: Switch between light or dark mode.

Tips: Select among different tips option from Easy, Medium, to Hard.

Easy: The tip's position will be half the position of your closest word

Medium: The tip's position will be one less than your closest word

Hard: The tip's position will be random

Sort by: Sort your guesses by similarity or guess order.

Other: Choose to Hide the countdown to the next word or not

Contexto Tips and Strategy

If you want to win at Contexto game, read the below strategies:

1. Choose the starting words carefully

As the game is about contextual relevance, you have to determine the category and context of the word. You can start with common objects and abstract nouns first.

2. Think about thesaurus

In this game, you must find contextually relevant words instead of synonyms. And that means a great thesaurus can be a big help.

3. Use tips

You can open the Settings menu and choose among Easy, Medium, and Hard tips. It is recommended to start with an Easy one until you get used to the game and progress further.

4. Use nouns

Most Contexto answers are common nouns. So you can try to stick to it.

It's time to find the right word

Contexto has grown its popularity significantly in late 2022 and it's still growing in 2023. It's time to give it a try!

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