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Absurdle is a variant of the Wordle game that features special rules and gameplay. It's the adversarial version of Wordle. The system doesn't have a secret word prepared as you start the game. Instead, the secret word will be decided depending on the words you enter. Or in other words, it tries to avoid getting you to find the answer. Absurdle gives as little information as possible. And you have unlimited guesses to play the game.

How to play Absurdle

When you start the game, you will see five blank grids. You have to input a valid word. Remember that there is no mystery word in the beginning.
After your guess, you will receive feedback on the letters of your guess. However, Absurdle will try to give as little clues about the mystery word as possible.

There is no daily answer for the game. As you progress, the list of words will grow smaller until you find the right one.

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