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Have you yet attempted Eldrow? If not, check it out now! Eldrow is a backwards version of the word puzzle game Wordle Game. Since the game has already provided the solution, all that remains is to locate the preceding word. Simply identify the letters that correspond to the hues provided by the game. Rather than searching for a specific word, you will be able to discover multiple answers on your own. Playing this game will stimulate your mind and help you improve your vocabulary.

How To Play Eldrow

Both Wordle and Eldrow adhere to the same color scheme and set of guidelines. This is how they are incorporated into the overall gameplay: five puzzles per day. Find the answers to the puzzles and give us feedback on your performance.

The letter does not appear at the end of the word gray.
Yellow: The letter is in the right place at the end of the word, but it should be in a distinct place.
Green: The letter appears in the correct position and is present in the final word.


Numerous interesting features in the game may assist players in overcoming obstacles.
This is a game that anybody can appreciate due to its easy setup, engaging gameplay, and intriguing game rules.
On every platform, applications are accessible.

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